Tips & Tricks

DIY Winterization

If your spa will be unused for a significant amount of time, and you choose to winterize your own spa, it is essential to follow the steps below during the cold weather months here in High Country. Failure to winterize your spa correctly can cause irreversible damage to the spa equipment.

•    Disconnect the power at the main power source, or if possible, unplug the unit.
•    Drain all of the water out of your spa, and leave the drain spout open when you are finished.
•    Turn off the heater for the spa, and replace the (hard) cover for the spa.
•    Plug the unit back in (or re-connect the power source) and turn on the spa’s blower system. Let it run for 30-45 seconds, and this will blow all the water out of the channels under the spa seats.
•    Remove the cover and soak up any leftover water with a mop or towels, especially in the footwell. Take out the cartridge filter and ensure there is no leftover water in the filter canister compartment. Leave a towel to soak up any additional water that could come in.
•    On the spa equipment pack, trip the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) by pressing the TEST button.
•    In your home circuit breaker box, turn off the circuit that connects to the spa.
•    If there are any screws or fittings that can be loosened or unscrewed, please do so. This is done to make sure there is no water in the fittings. Also remove any drain plugs in the unit, including in the filter canister compartment.
•    Blow out any leftover water in the jet pipes. This is most easily completed with the “blowing” end of a shop-vac or an air compressor. You should not put any type of antifreeze into the spa, pipes, or equipment.
•    Once these steps are completed, replace the hard cover on the top of the unit, and ensure the cover is secured so that the wind cannot open it.
•    If you have any cabinet doors on your equipment, make sure the doors are closed and latched. This will avoid the risk of any small animals making a home inside your spa and causing equipment and/or wire damage!