Tips & Tricks

Drain & Refill DIY

We recommend to use our experienced personnel, but if you choose to DIY, here are some step by step instructions.


  1. Turn off the jets.
  2. Make sure the thermostat is turned off.
  3. Turn the power off at the main breaker.
  4. Drain the spa.


  1. Fill the tub to the fill line.
  2. Make sure the thermostat is still off.
  3. Turn the spa power on at the main source.
  4. Turn the pump on; leave on for 5-10 seconds and then turn it off. Wait another 5-10 seconds and turn on the thermostat.
  5. Repeat step #4 until water is circling above filter. **ALL AIR NEEDS TO BE CLEARED FROM THE FILTER**
  6. Once all the air is cleared, you may turn the thermostat on to the desired temperature.
  7. Turn jets back on, and make sure to turn them off when the spa is not in use.

**It is very important to ensure all air is cleared from the filter. Failure to do so could cause severe damage to the heater and to the pump.