Covers, Filters & Parts

SPA COVER: A durable spa cover aids in heat retention, protection from extreme weather, and decreased dirt and other elements accumulating in the spa. Anytime the spa is not in use, the cover should be on. A heavy cover, or discoloration, can be signs of aging. In this case, it may be time for a new cover. The spa experts at High Country Maintenance will help you find the right cover, which will safeguard your entire spa and help prolong its life.

FILTER: One of the most important steps in the preventative maintenance of your spa is to clean your filters regularly. This will eliminate the dirt and grime that can build up from spa usage, and will assist in keeping the equipment running correctly. Neglecting your spa’s filters will always lead to bigger, more costly repairs, and here at High Country Spa, we want to make sure you can enjoy your spa for many years.

PARTS: From plumbing components to filters, any part you will need for your spa can be ordered through High Country Spa. We have blowers, electrical parts, heater and heater elements, jets, ozonators, pumps, and of course, all the chemicals and lubricants you will need to keep your equipment working like new.